Interpreting is the oldest form of mediated language communication and its origin goes to ancient past. (Čenková. I., 2001). Interpreting is thus an oral form of translation. It is a communication process in which an interpreter interprets a message from one language to another.

Translation services in our agency are exclusively provided by professional interpreters who have adequate professional skills thanks to their appropriate education and long-term experience, which guarantees high professionality and quality. Our agency provides any type of interpretation services, including interpreting of either simple informal meeting or professional business meeting or training.

We provide following interpretation services:

Simultaneous interpreting – interpreting from one language to another when the speech of a speaker and interpreter´s translation are realised simultaneously

Consecutive interpreting – interpreting from one language to another when interpreter´s translation starts after having heard the whole or just some part of a speaker´s speech.

Telephone interpreting - interpreting being realized via telephone

We provide interpreting of conferences, presentations, business meetings, trainings, films...


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