Our agency provides translation services in the basic combinations of European languages. We exclusively cooperate with professional translators who have adequate professional skills thanks to their appropriate education and long-term experience.

We provide non-certified as well as certified (sworn) translations. We work out translations within the framework of the languages outlined below with maximum emphasis on quality, within the frame of any specialized or non-specialized texts.

All the documents being translated in our agency automatically undergo contextual, grammatical and stylistic proofreading which is included in the translation price. Proofreading of a translation is made by native speakers of a particular language.

Main group of languages:

  • English language
  • German language
  • Polish language
  • French language
  • Spanish language
  • Italian language
  • Hungarian language
  • Russian language
  • Slovenian language


- we are able to provide also other languages if necessary.

We translate from various specialized fields, e.g.: economics, law, tourism, building industry, culture, natural sciences, automobile industry, medicine... We provide translation of documents, articles, magazines, presentations, manuals, web sites, film texts... We provide artistic translations as well. 


Language courses

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