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Final price of translation services depends on several factors, such as language combination, text specialization, term of delivery... Because of this fact we don´t quote inaccurate pricelist with presumed prices for translation services on this site. 

We will suggest you the best solution following your specification and we will make out free calculation for you as well.  Price for a specific translation will always be stated in advance and confirmed in an order. We guarantee that once stated price won´t be changed anymore.

Price for non-certified translation (without round stamp) depends on the number of standard pages (NS - Normostrana in the Slovak language) or number of words. They represent basic measurement units for translation price quotation. One standard page (NS) stands for 1800 letters including spaces. Price for non-certified translation starts from 8,- EUR/per 1 NS (standard page)

Price for certified translation (sworn translation, sealed with a round stamp) depends on the number of physical pages (FS - Fyzická strana in the Slovak language). Minimum price of sworn translation is determined by law. Price for certified translation starts from 25,- EUR/per 1 FS, final price depends on language combination.


- consecutive interpreting: 25 €/each initiated hour of interpreting

- simultaneous interpreting: 35 €/each initiated hour of interpreting

- telephone interpreting: 20 €/each initiated hour of interpreting


We provide fidelity and bulk discounts...


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