What is sworn translation?

It is a document that is being translated by a sworn translator who is registered in the list of forensic experts, sworn interpreters and translators, kept by the Ministry of Justice. According to law, document is being exclusively translated by a sworn translator himself. Translation is bound with an original document, its verified copy or only with a non-verified copy of original document. Translation that has been translated and bound by a sworn translator musn´t be changed, modified or supplemented by any other persons. Sworn translation is signed and sealed by an authorized sworn translator, which quarantees justness of the translation. Translation costs are stated in accordance wit law. According to law, sworn translator himself is responsible for a sworn translation. 

Which documents do require sworn translation?

Documents which require sworn translation are: birth certificate, marriage certificate, school certificate, trade license, education certificate, permanent residence certificate, certificates, criminal register, registration book,  bank statement, various contacts and agreements...

Can you make two sworn translations of a document?

Yes, it is possible. We´ll make you as many copies as you need. You won´t have to pay full price for document copy any more, price for a copy of a sworn translation is 7,- EUR.

What are terms of delivery for translation services?

We deliver sworn translations within 3 days. Terms of delivery of non-certified translations depend on amount of text to be translated. We try to translate documents as soon as possible with maximum emphasis on quality.

And what about confidentiality of documents?

Our agency lays the greatest stress on confidentiality. All the data contained in the documents to be translated are strictly confidential and well-secured.

How can I order translation services in your agency?

If you have decided to make use of our services,  you can order needed services directly in the agency PLUSLINGUA, via telephone on  0908 696 777, or by means of e-mail - info@pluslingua.sk, tatiana.sivonova@gmail.com


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